• 06/10/2015

The Master’s in Race Vehicle Engineering is about to start. Check out the program!

Don't miss out on your chance to become a race engine designer of the future, you have time until October 31st!

The Master's in Race Vehicle Engineering, organized by People Design, is about to start. The 250-hour Master’s program consists of 19 Theoretical Modules, 5 Advanced Courses and 2 Seminars and runs from November 2015 to June 2016. See the website for the complete course list

ESTECO is contributing to the Master with a 12-hour training course which combines theory with an advanced workshop using modeFRONTIER optimization software. Students enrolled in the course will also benefit from ESTECO Academy membership throughout the duration of the course.

Valentino Pediroda, Algorithm Expert and Fluid Dynamics Researcher at the University of Trieste, will provide the theory: a history on the evolution of optimization and specifics on the automatic integration of simulation models, Design of Experiments, optimization algorithms and response surface models.

Rosario Russo, Services and Support Engineer at ESTECO spa, will run the 8-hour advanced workshop: hands-on training using the modeFRONTIER multiobjective and multidisciplinary optimization platform. The workshop is specifically geared towards using the software to create race engine design projects and covers everything from building a workflow to running an optimization.

The course is under the scientific direction of Mario Uncini Manganelli, Engine Development Manager at Aprilia Racing, and the patronage of the Engineering Association of Bologna. Registration is open until October 31st.