modeFRONTIER Workshop by EnginSoft at the IIT of Genoa |
  • Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 09:30
  • IIT of Genoa

modeFRONTIER Workshop by EnginSoft at the IIT of Genoa

Enginsoft offers a great opportunity to attend an introductory workshop for the design optimization software modeFRONTIER, held at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa ( Sala Montalcini) . The workshop is free of charge.

Who should attend?

modeFRONTIER has a wide range of benefits and can be applied to many applications from engineering design to business model optimization.  You should attend the workshop if:

  • You use simulation tools
  • You would like to improve your knowledge about the most advanced optimization technologies


  • 09:30 modeFRONTIER Introduction: mono and multi-objective optimization examples
  • 09:45 Pre-Processing environment: multi-disciplinary workflow setting
  • 10:15 Live Demo: multi-objective optimization example
  • 10:30 Analysis and post-processing tools
  • 11:00 Industrial cases
  • 11:30 Wrap-up and close

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