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What's ESTECO Academy? Check out the new video!

Do you want to know more about ESTECO Academy? Check out this new video and discover how this program - specially designed for engineering students, researchers and professors - helps building new opportunities in higher education!  

ESTECO Academy provides research toolkit for design optimization to Purdue University’s MAHA Lab

Students and Researchers at Purdue University's MAHA Lab stand to benefit from leveraging ESTECO’s design optimization and multi domain integration solutions in their laboratory environments

By providing its newly launched ESTECO Academy Membership, including the company flagship product, modeFRONTIER and access to the online learning portal and onsite training, ESTECO aims at offering innovative product development education with sophisticated software and comprehensive training environment. 

The new ESTECO Academy Membership Program Unveiled

University students now have the opportunity to learn about multidisciplinary design optimization and get valuable hands-on experience using top-class engineering software. These are just some of the advantages of the new ESTECO Academy Membership Program unveiled today by ESTECO, a leading provider of numerical optimization solutions.