• Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 02:00
  • John H. Daniels Architecture Building at One Spadina Crescent
  • Toronto, Canada

SimAUD 2017 ESTECO Academy Workshop on Advanced optimization technology for generative building design

ESTECO Academy is honoured to sponsor the 2017 edition of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD 2017), scheduled for 22-24 May at the John H. Daniels Architecture Building, One Spadina Crescent in Toronto, Canada. ESTECO Academy will hold a workshop on Advanced optimization technology for generative building design, structural analysis and lighting simulation.

As part of the sponsorship ESTECO Academy will also contribute to the best paper awards:

Best paper award:
>   Certificate and plaque offered by offered by SCS/SimAUD2017;
>   ESTECO Academy Membership offered by ESTECO*;

Best student paper award:
>   Certificate and plaque offered by offered by SCS/SimAUD2017;
>   ESTECO Academy Membership offered by ESTECO*;


MAY 21st | ESTECO Academy Workshop @ SimAUD 2017

The objective of this 4-hour workshop is to demonstrate to architecture students, researchers and practitioners familiar with digital design tools, the – still unexplored – potential of combining the optimization technology in building and architectural modeling.

Participants will hear about successful applications from the AEC industries and have the chance to try the leading multidisciplinary optimization platform modeFRONTIER, being guided from ESTECO experts providing training, tips and advices.

“This way of working redefines engineering workflows and potentially, the roles of architect and engineer in the design process. The danger here -- something we are consciously avoiding -- is an anemic understanding of optimization as a reductive quest for efficiency rather than as a generative design process which can result in architectural 'species' characterized by both efficiencies and excesses.”  

TOM WISCOMBE ARCHITECTURE - Cheongna City Tower project, 2008


The workshop can host a maximum of about 15 participants. If the subscriptions exceed the limit, the 15 participants who registered first have priority. Each workshop requires min 5 participants to take place. If a workshop is cancelled due to non-sufficient subscriptions, the participants can join one of the other workshops. The registered conference attendees will have free access to the workshops. A small fee applies to the others participants. Participants should bring their own laptop; after registration has been confirmed, we will provide attendees with the modeFRONTIER software package and installation support


> 1pm-2pm

•    Optimization in AEC | success stories: generative design, light simulation, structural analysis, NZEB 
•    Introduction to modeFRONTIER: software environment and main features

OPTIMAL BUILDING DESIGN: Integrating AEC modellig & analysis tools with modeFRONTIER  
> 2am-5pm

•    Parametric modelling with Rhino/GrassHopper 
•    modeFRONTIER workflow set up: direct integration node, parameter chooser, linking parameters to objectives and constraints
•    Optimization Strategies and Algorithms: Hands-on example - Optimization setup and execution; post-processing tools
•    Execution monitoring and post processing: decision support tools and final design choice

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