7th BETA CAE International Conference

ESTECO is proud to take part in the BETA CAE International Conference - a premium gathering for the CAE Professionals, taking part from May 30th to June 1st in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Every two years the event brings the CAE Community together to promote international exchange of the latest concepts, knowledge, and development requirements on its software products.

During the event, numerous technical papers outlining the latest advances in CAE Strategy, methodology, techniques and applications are presented. This stage offers a unique opportunity for the presenters to lead and inspire by presenting their ideas, demonstrating their achievements, and sharing new development requirements. 

Alberto Clarich of the ESTECO Engineering Services and Support Team will present a paper: Reliability-based Robust Design Optimization of a Free-Fall-Life-Boat (FFLB), illustrating the use of the ESTECO flagship software, modeFRONTIER, to automate the simulations and perform the optimization under uncertainties using a proper optimization algorithm. He wrote the paper together with Dimitris Drougkas of the BETA CAE Systems.