Abaqus Bird Strike Model Optimization with modeFRONTIER

Jelmer Wikkerink (GKN Aerospace)


Some exterior aircraft parts that are produced by GKN Aerospace may get struck by wildlife or birds at some point during their lifetime. The structural- and material responses of these bird impacts are important for aircraft engineers, the produced parts they develop shouldn’t be damaged too severely.

In order to investigate the system responses Fokker Aerostructures & GKN Aerospace put interest in numerical simulation models that mimic these bird strikes events. To validate the simulation model there have been bird strike phisical tests. Unfortunately the output response of the current numerical model and the actual performed test differ in results.

This raises the question: Is it possible to minimize the error by automating the design process of the numerical model? In this presentation, modeFRONTIER is used to assist in the development and automation process of the numerical bird strike model.