ADAS Systems Robustness Analysis and Optimization: A way to asses the function's performance

Alexandre Mugnai (ESTECO)

 CHALLENGE - ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems ) and AD (Autonomous Driving) systems are being widely introduced by all automotive companies to reduce the number of casualties / accidents. Having to meet strict requirements for a wide range of traffic scenarios, disturbances, and faults, the costs for testing and evaluation of an automotive control system are increasing and still today it is unclear to know when the ADAS system can be considered validated and how this can be assessed.

SOLUTION - It is mandatory to develop accurate numerical simulations of ADAS control systems, integrated with sensors and actuators, vehicle dynamics, inter-vehicle behavior and microscopic traffic environment. VI-Grade and modeFRONTIER software are integrated for the reliability analysis of an ADAS system, identifying which are the most relevant scenarios to be taken into account allowing OEMs and suppliers to conduct a full function validation and assessment.














BENEFITS - The work conducted here allowed the assessment of the ADAS function assessment emphasizing the scenarios in which performance improvements are needed by further tuning the sensing – algorithm – actuation aspects of the function as well as to identify most critical conditions.