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Biotechnology & Biomedicals

Numerical optimization modeling techniques enable biomedical engineers and scientists to reduce experimental time, streamline data assessment and foster innovation.

ESTECO technology brings well-established engineering optimization and modeling technologies to the biotech and pharma industries, making the process predictable and repeatable. Our set of innovative and advanced algorithms quickly indentify the best solution when the experiment has many parameters and several conflicting goals.

modeFRONTIER genetic algorithms empowered researchers to mimic natural evolution.
Lucia Gardossi, Professor at Laboratory of Computational and Applied Biocatalysis, University of Trieste

Applications of ESTECO technology in the biotech & pharma industries

ESTECO technology can be effectively used in different biotech processes and research activities:


  • System biology
  • DNA sequencing
  • Human tissue modeling
  • Biocatalysis


  • Bone implants
  • Injury biomechanics
  • Measurement devices
  • Tear substitute optimization
  • Dental implants


  • Enzyme engineering
  • Drug design
  • Chemical processes