Biotechnology & Biomedicals

Computational modeling of complex physiological systems and their interaction with medical devices has become an important area of bioengineering research worldwide.

ESTECO technology brings well-established engineering optimization and modeling technologies to the biotech and pharma industries, making the process predictable and repeatable. Our set of innovative and advanced algorithms quickly indentify the best solution when the experiment has many parameters and several conflicting goals.


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Applications of ESTECO technology in the biotech & pharma industries

ESTECO technology can be effectively used in different biotech processes and research activities:


  • System biology
  • DNA sequencing
  • Human tissue modeling
  • Biocatalysis


  • Bone implants
  • Injury biomechanics
  • Measurement devices
  • Tear substitute optimization
  • Dental implants


  • Enzyme engineering
  • Drug design
  • Chemical processes


Featured Application of ESTECO technology in the biomedical engineering


Optimization of an Incubator

Thanks to the integration and automation provided by modeFRONTIER, engineers could find the best balance between temperature and humidity values and heat loss reduction.








Femoral Prosthesis

A standard static structural analysis and a fatigue test were performed to find the stress level of material properties for 5 million cycles, for the certification of femoral prostheses. 




Removal Technique of Dental Implant

Optimize a new removal technique of osseointegrated dental implant based on a heating process, guaranteeing the extraction of the capsule while ensuring minimal necrosis of the surrounding area.