A Business Decision Support System for Composite Materials Selection and Design

Carlos Kavka (ESTECO)


The COMPOSELECTOR European research project is developing a Business Decision Support System which integrates material modelling methodologies and knowledge-based systems with business processes for decision making.

Once finished, the system will provide the missing link between business processes, materials science and engineering workflows in the context of composite material modelling selection and design. In this innovative application, business aspects are implemented in terms of BPMN and DMN, two well-known standards used respectively to represent business processes and their associated business decisions rules.

Cardanit, the ESTECO BPMN editor, is used as the central tool for modelling business processes, while modeFRONTIER is used for multi-objective optimization and uncertainty quantification.

This presentation explores the use of the BPMN and DMN standards in the context of decision making and multi-objective optimization in material modelling. The included industrial application case provides a real example of a successful application of business process technologies in the material modelling domain.