Design Optimization of Extraction Spin Profile for Horizontal Axis Washing Machine Using modeFRONTIER

Ajay Manik Naiknaware (Whirlpool of India)

For the domestic appliance industry, product cost and product performance are the major drivers in the product development cycle. System level simulation predicts emergent behavior in terms of cost and performance of product. The famous “V-Model” of System Engineering starts with requirements. Then for finalization of architectural concepts and trade-space exploration, a multidisciplinary optimization model is needed.

This multidisciplinary optimization model can be obtained using system level simulation which provides key inputs for prototype manufacturing in the concept stage. Understanding of performance parameters at system level simulation can help suggest improvised design for performance efficient components in the appliance.

This work is developed for horizontal axis washing machines. The primary objective of the study is to develop workflow using multi-disciplinary design optimization platform, modeFRONTIER by integrating Dymola, Adams and MS-Excel. The study focuses on the trade-off study performance parameters, bearing life consumption less than 100% and remaining moisture content less than rated levels in New Energy Label (NEL) for optimised extraction spinning profile.