Development of an Engine and Fuel Co-Optimization Platform in modeFRONTIER

Tim Franken (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg)

The aim of this work is the multi-objective optimization of four different fuel components blended with RON95 E10 fuel regarding high thermal efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

Experimental measurements of a single cylinder research engine operated at eight fired operating points with RON95 E10 fuel are used to train and validate the simulation model. The RON95 E10 fuel is described by a 4-component surrogate and blended with Methanol, Hydrogen, Toluene and Nitromethane. The different fuel blends are optimized for three operating points at 1500 rpm 15 bar IMEP, 2000 rpm 20 bar IMEP and 2500 rpm 15 bar IMEP with high compression ratios and lean combustion.