Energy-Efficient Timetable Calculation in Railway Systems using modeFRONTIER and OpenTrack

Giovanni Longo (LIFT)

CHALLENGE - In railway systems,  the energy-efficient timetable calculation could have a large impact on energy-savings. Nevertheless, timetables are usually calculated without considering energy consumption in real life operations.

SOLUTION -  Energy-Efficient Train Timetabling Problem (EETTP) consists in the energy-efficient timetable calculation considering the trade-off between energy efficiency and travel time duration. In this context, a number of models and algorithms exist to compute the optimal train trajectories. However, finding the optimal sequence and switching points of the optimal driving regimes is a not trivial task. In this work, this problem has been faced through the integration of modeFRONTIER and the micro-simulation engine OpenTrack. With reference to a metro line in Turkey, a Pareto Frontier has been identified to minimize both travel time and energy consumption. The comparison with real data enables an estimate of the possible expected improvements.

BENEFITS - This approach enables the formulation of the best speed profile for each train, which may be used in real life operations.