ESTECO releases VOLTA: the state-of-the-art environment for advancing agile product development

The new web-based, collaboration environment helps companies leverage enterprise engineering knowledge and processes on a global scale

ESTECO today announced the release of VOLTA — the state-of-the art environment that takes enterprise-engineering processes to a new, collaborative dimension. With VOLTA, protecting company Intellectual Property and accelerating innovation processes now requires no efforts. VOLTA expertly orchestrates simulation data and multidisciplinary business processes enabling conscious decision-making and innovative product development.
VOLTA leads the way toward a newer, more effective approach to product development. Multidisciplinary teams will now be able to manage all cross-functional, concurrent design steps by integrating multiple modeling formats and capturing the interactive and incremental continuous innovation process. With its service-oriented architecture, VOLTA facilitates the sharing and reuse of enterprise engineering knowledge and provides all innovation process stakeholders with a solid environment for distributed execution and access to key design data and performance indicators.