ESTECO Technology Day on Optimization

We are pleased to announce our first corporate event on the West Coast, which will be held in a very special venue. Come join us on March 21, 2017 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library outside of Los Angeles, CA for the inaugural ESTECO Technology Day on Design Optimization. 

Consumer and regulatory demands are challenging traditional engineering methods, and many industries are coming to terms with the fact that numerical optimization techniques are crucial to stay competitive and relevant. As a global independent provider of numerical optimization and process integration software, ESTECO works to preempt customer needs and to satisfy the demands and standards of the most forward-thinking companies, by keeping its solutions at the forefront of engineering technology

Over 300 international organizations already use modeFRONTIER and VOLTA to design better products, faster. Some of the most innovative among them will join ESTECO experts on the stage of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to showcase their experience with optimization. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about upcoming new features and long-term R&D perspectives.

The ESTECO Technology Day lineup will include three high-profile keynote speakers from the aerospace and the automotive field. The full agenda will also include many other demonstrations presented by ESTECO experts. The event will provide a platform to hear experts discuss our proprietary algorithms, response surface modeling techniques, distributed execution options, data visualization and decision-making capabilities. 

The day will conclude with a tour of the historic Boeing 707 Air Force One 27000 used by many U.S. Presidents, as well as the opportunity to network while enjoying drinks and snacks. 





ROEL VAN DE VELDE | Business Development Manager | ESTECO North America

Welcome and Opening  


ESTECO: Company and Technology

ADAM WROBLEWSKI  | Research Engineer | NASA GRC

Optimization at NASA GRC– From Bio-inspired Concepts to Deep Space  

ALEX DUGGAN | Senior Application Engineer | ESTECO North America

Fast, Accurate and Robust Optimization: An In-Depth Look at ESTECO's Proprietary Algorithms  

Coffee Break

MATTEO NICOLICH| Product Manager Enterprise Solutions | ESTECO

modeFRONTIER and VOLTA: the state-of-the-art environment for agile product development  

Lunch Break

DAVID MOSELEY | Director of Powertrain | Lucid Motors

Engineering the Electric Vehicle Revolution - Extrapolation is not Prediction

ALEX DUG GAN | Senior Application Engineer | ESTECO North America

Get Results Faster: RSM and Distributed Execution

DARCY ALLISON  | Research Aerospace Engineer | USAF AFRL

Optimized Integrated Multidisciplinary Systems (OPTIMUS Project)

ADARSH ELANGO | Application Engineer | ESTECO North America

Visualizing and Understanding Complex Multidimensional Datasets


R&D - What ESTECO is doing to help you prepare for the Future

ROEL VAN DE VELDE | Business Development Manager | ESTECO North America

Closing Remarks

Air Force One Tour

Networking, drinks and snacks