ESTECO Technology Days focus on Aerospace MDO

We are pleased to announce the second edition of the ESTECO Technology Days, which will be held on 19th and 20th March, 2019, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Los Angeles, CA. The event will focus on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization applications in the aerospace industry.

The aerospace and defense industry faces continuing requirements to develop innovative products faster and at a lower cost. Since these requirements typically lead to conflicting design objectives across several domains, employing Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) and collaborating in the design process is crucial. ESTECO’s technology, used by over 300 organizations, brings enterprise-wide solutions for optimization, simulation data management and process integration and automation. Learn more about featured application of our technology in the aerospace industry.

On March 19th, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), BAE Systems Ordnance Systems, AFRL and Crane Aerospace & Electronics will take the stage to showcase their multidisciplinary aerospace design projects using ESTECO technology. The lineup will also include demonstrations by ESTECO experts, and briefings on two European Union funded aerospace projects: UTOPIAE (Uncertainty Treatment and Optimisation in Aerospace Engineering) and COMPOSELECTOR (Multiscale Composite Material Selection Platform).

On March 20th, you can join us for a VOLTA workshop and learn how enterprise collaboration on MDO project is completely redefined.

VOLTA is a web based multidisciplinary business process optimization and simulation data management framework. Tracking changes and capturing engineering knowledge becomes easy and leads to effective enterprise IP protection. VOLTA keeps teams on track by allowing to concurrently compare, validate and decide on design solutions with advanced data intelligence tools. Capable of running on multicore workstations, HPC clusters and public clouds, VOLTA efficiently manages distributed execution engines, while ensuring respect of security standards.

The workshop will be held from 9:00am to 4:00pm . Participants are required to bring their own laptop.

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19 March
Start  End  TOPIC & Speaker Company
8.00am 8.30am Registration
8.30am 8.40am Welcome and Introduction
Roel Van De Velde, Director AS&D
8.40am 9.00am ESTECO's roots in Aerospace
Carlo Poloni, President
9.00am 9.30am Collaborative MDO: The use of ESTECO technology in the EXPEDITE program
Clifton Davies, EXPEDITE Program Manager
Kenneth Mull, Conceptual Design Engineer
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
9.30am 10.00am Using modeFRONTIER to derive real-time runway condition monitoring algorithms
Ilan Paz, Systems Engineer
Crane Aerospace & Electronics
10.00am 10.15am Coffee Break
10.15am 11.15am ESTECO Technology Updates
Matteo Nicolich, Principal Product Manager
11.15am 11.45am Use of MDO in Solid Rocket Motor Design and Analysis
Joe Bellotte, Rocket Development Manager
Adnan Masood, Rocket Development Engineer
BAE Systems OSI
11.45am 12.45pm Lunch
12.45pm 1.15pm Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Methods to support Virtual Conceptual Aircraft Designs
Gerardo Olivares, Ph.D., Director, Computational Mechanics
National Institute for Aviation Research
01.15pm 01.45pm Distributed Collaborative MADO: A US Air Force Perspective
Ray Kolonay, Ph.D., Director, Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Center AFRL/RQVC
01.45pm 02.15pm Cloud Computing using ESTECO Technology
Alex Duggan, Sr. Application Engineer
02.15pm 02.30pm Coffee Break
02.30pm 03.00pm

Uncertainty Treatment and Optimization in Aerospace Engineering (UTOPIAE EU H2020 research program)
Carlo Poloni, President 

03.00pm 03.30pm Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Materials Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework (COMPOSELECTOR EU H2020 research program)
Matteo Nicolich, Principal Product Manager
03.30pm 03.50pm Product Development Roadmap
Matteo Nicolich, Principal Product Manager
03.50pm 04.00pm Closing Remarks
Roel Van De Velde, Director AS&D
04.00pm 05.00pm Networking Reception

20 March

Start  End  TOPIC & Speaker Company
9.00am 4.00pm VOLTA Workshop: Focus on Enterprise Collaboration
Matteo Nicolich, Principal Product Manager


Ray Kolonay, Director, Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Center AFRL/RQVC, AFRL

Dr. Ray Kolonay serves as the Director of  Multidisciplinary Science & Technology Center within the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) Aerospace Systems Directorate.  He has over thirty years of experience in the development, use, and support of mechanical analysis and automated design methods and tools. Prior to this Dr. Kolonay held a position at the General Electric Company Corporate Research and Development Center where he developed design methods for various mechanical systems. Dr. Kolonay is an AFRL Fellow, ASME Fellow, and an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Ilan Paz, Systems Engineer, Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Ilan earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the Technion technical institute in Haifa, Israel. He has over 30 years of system engineering experience with emphasis on analysis and simulation of gimbaled systems servo control, inertial sensors systems, closed loop sensors, hydraulic brake control, and brake anti-skid systems. For the last 4 years since joining Crane Aerospace he has dedicated much of his time to simulation, modelling and analysis of runway conditions. He is also in charge of Crane’s high fidelity hydraulic brake control system simulation.

Joseph O. Bellotte, Rocket Development Manager, BAE Systems OSI

Joe Bellotte is the Rocket Development Manager in the Research and Development group at Ordnance System’s Radford Army Ammunition Plant Location.  He is responsible for the design, development, analysis, build, and test of new solid rocket motor systems and subsystems for tactical and strategic missile programs and provides subject matter expertise to support current production programs for performance prediction, system analysis, and test data reduction.  

Adnan Masood, Rocket Development Engineer, BAE Systems OSI

Adnan Masood graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer. Shortly after, he joined BAE Systems as a process engineer. Currently, he is a member of the research and development group at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant and is responsible for the design, analysis, manufacture and testing of new solid rocket motors for use in small and medium caliber tactical applications. 


K. Micheal Mull, Conceptual Design Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

As a member of the ADP Conceptual Design Tools and Methods Team, he is responsible for developing and deploying the tools and processes unique to the early aircraft design process. They are constantly employing new and varied technologies to multidisciplinary analysis to drive development, promote rapid change, and support discipline analysis in early product development at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. They routinely interface with other business units, customers, and vendors, seeking advanced solutions and capabilities. As lead for the ESTECO IRAD effort in support of EXPEDITE, he is responsible for the implementation and integration of ESTECO software and technologies for the optimization and analysis of a modern air vehicle.

Clifton Davies, EXPEDITE Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

As member of the ADP Conceptual Design Tools and Methods, he is responsible for developing the tools/processes/methods unique to the early product development process for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. They have responsibility for the core “sizing” and MDO tools and methods, and drive the development of the supporting discipline analysis tools to meet our needs. They also collaborate with other LM business units in the development of product line independent tools and methods such as Model Based System Design methods, MDO frameworks etc.

Gerardo Olivares, Director, Computational Mechanics, National Institute for Aviation Research

Dr. Gerardo Olivares joined the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University in July 2005. Currently he is Director and Senior Research Scientist for the Computational Mechanics and Crash Dynamics laboratories. Dr. Olivares has developed a recognized world-class research program, personnel and laboratory facilities in the areas of computational\experimental crashworthiness, virtual product development, and certification by analysis methods. Dr. Olivares has over 24 years of experience in experimental and computational crashworthiness with the automotive and aerospace industries. Dr. Olivares holds a BS, MS, and PhD degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University.

Matteo Nicolich, Principal Product Manager, ESTECO

Matteo Nicolich is the Principal Product Manager at ESTECO. In this role he is in charge of client engagement management, requirements gathering and roadmap building. He is also responsible for analyzing market conditions and defining features or functions of the product.

Carlo Poloni, President, ESTECO

A Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trieste, Carlo Poloni co-founded ESTECO in 1999. He previously worked at Aeritalia and Sincrotrone Trieste and joined the University of Trieste as a researcher with a focus on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. He has authored more than 100 papers and collaborates with international companies and organizations. He is also a member of the board of the Italian Chapter of INCOSE.

Roel Van De Velde, Director AS&D, ESTECO

Roel Van De Velde graduated with a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2001, with a major in Dynamics & Control. After that, he joined TNO-MADYMO North America where he held various engineering and sales positions in the field of automotive crash safety, injury biomechanics and crash test dummy computer model development. In 2007 he joined Humanetics Innovative Solutions, the global leader in crash test dummies and finite element dummy simulation models. After a brief period at LMS International in 2012, which later became Siemens PLM, he joined ESTECO North America in 2013, where he currently is the Director of Aerospace & Defense, with the responsibility to grow ESTECO's optimization technology business in the AS&D market.