• 09/08/2018

Fabien Figueres, PSA Group, talks about the benefits of ESTECO Technology

We had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Fabien Figueres of the PSA Group about the benefits of ESTECO Technologies during the International ESTECO Users' Meeting in Trieste.

Figueres, who works as a Data Engineer for Numerical Computation at the PSA Group, has underlined that large organizations like the PSA Group need more than advanced algorithms to implement optimization successfully. 

"In a very big organization like the PSA, if we don't involve an ergonomic tool like VOLTA and modeFRONTIER, it is very difficult to use the optimization methodology", Figueres said. He explained the importance of collaboration among teams when dealing with a lot of vehicle projects at the same time, while the development time is shortening.

"It is essential to find a compromise between the design team, which has the knowledge of the vehicle and simulation, and the methodology team, which has the knowledge of optimization algorithms", Figueres underlined, pointing out that this is exactly why they chose ESTECO modeFRONTIER and VOLTA. 

"VOLTA helps us communicate with the design engineers, while modeFRONTIER is in charge of helping us apply the right optimization method at the right time", he added. "We also rely on the Engineering Data Intelligence Technology, which is very well developed in VOLTA, to handle communication between the design team and the vehicle project", Figueres concluded. 

During the ESTECO UM18, Figueres presented a keynote Keys for using expert algorithms within a digital culture during the development design phase