How to accelerate and democratize your design processes

ESTECO Autonomous Optimization expedites decision making and design space exploration, freeing up time and human resources.

Digitization is sweeping the globe, opening the doors of innovation for many organizations through the provision of tech-driven, intelligent ways of working. Within the world of simulation, automation is a leading digital technology that’s proving its worth, addressing the challenges today’s users face in the simulation space, while accelerating and democratizing every step in the design process.

Usability is a key issue for many working with automated solutions. Regardless of their level of expertise, individuals are faced with complex algorithms and must identify the right optimization strategies to get the best result, while taking into account the resources available to them. Such manual tasks are not only time-consuming but highly repetitive, where the design and engineering expertise of your specialist staff is not used to its full potential. As a result, organizations can lose their competitive edge and struggle to innovate.