Innovative Computer Aided Solidification Technology

Andrea Santoro (Ergolines Lab)

CHALLENGE - The use of electromagnetic stirrers for semi-continuous casting introduces a revolutionary technology in preventing dendrite formation. Previously limited to continuous casting technique, the electromagnetic properties and geometrical shape of the stirrers can now combine the high quality of ingot casting and the productivity rate of continuous casting.

SOLUTION - ERGOLINES and ESTECO teamed up to elaborate this new technology for 'assisted solidification' of steel to improve further the quality of the final product. The goal is to optimize the stirrer parameters and reduce internal and surface defects, increase product homogeneity and minimize energy consumption. At the same time an innovative methodology for collaborative design in this field includes experts and non experts in the engineering process. ERGOLINES provides a numerical model of the stirrer which includes electromagnetic analysis with Comsol Multiphysics and fluid dynamic analysis with OpenFOAM software. modeFRONTIER, ESTECO multiobjective optimization platform, is used to automate the simulation process by  integrating numerical solvers and models. VOLTA, ESTECO web-based collaboration platform, distributes computational load on the network resources  and allow access to the optimization process to different users.











BENEFITS - The project outcome is creating a computational platform for the innovative design of electromagnetic stirrers, with the following benefits:

  • Optimize the assisted solidification technology in semi-continuous steel casting
  • Grant non experts the ability to set parameters, run optimization projects, visualize different configurations and choose the optimum stirrer for any kind of steel plant.