Integrated Optimization of Air Transportation Systems - Aircraft and Network

José Alexandre Tavares Guerreiro Fregnani (INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE AERONÁUTICA)

The main goal of this research project is the development of a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) framework that incorporates a highly detailed airplane model and optimization of airline networks.

Two optimization approaches for aircraft and network-integrated designs were evaluated, according to airlines and aircraft manufacturers’ objectives.

Main take-aways are:

1. Maximum Network Profit (NP) solution

  • Minimum network connections.
  • Bigger aircraft than Min DOC. Significant minimization of fleet investment (CAPEX).
  • Annual profit significantly higher than min DOC solution.

2. Maximum aircraft manufacturer´s NPV solution

  • Maximum network connections
  • Biggest Aircraft. Increased fleet investment (CAPEX) – Maximization of OEM´s profit.
  • However brings also high annual profits for the airline.