International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2018 |

International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2018

ESTECO is proud to sponsor the 34th edition of the International CAE Conference and Exhibition, the annual international event on "Evolving engineering simulation: the age of the digital twin" which will be held on October 8-9 in Vicenza, Italy.

This year’s CAE Conference will deeply explore how Engineering Simulation is evolving to embrace and even progress the different technologies that are contributing to the development of Industry 4.0.

The event will be the opportunity for all sector stakeholders covering industry, academia, research and software vendors to increase the relevance of simulation.  

During the conference, don't miss these speeches below:

  • AEROSPACE and DEFENSE Session - Monday 8 October, 14.00 - ESTECO Opening Speech
  • AEROSPACE and DEFENSE Session - Monday 8 October, 14.40 - Alberto Clarich, Engineering Team Manager, Combining Adjoint Optimization and mesh morphing for CFD applications
  • SMART PRODUCTS & IOT Session - Monday 8 October, 14.00 - Alexandre Mugnai, Business Development Manager, ADAS systems Robustness analysis, and optimization: a way to assess the function’s performance
  • OIL & GAS Session - Tuesday 9 October, 11.20 - Marco Turchetto, Support Engineer, Optimization of Compressed Natural Gas transportation Vessel: Gasvessel project


  • On October 9th, 2018 at 13.00 a workshop will be organized at our booth to describe in detail how the ESTECO software modeFRONTIER and VOLTA have been used by the partners of the European Project Gasvessel, to optimize a new CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) transportation concept. This novel patented Pressure Vessel manufacturing technology aims to increase CNG ship payload and reduce dramatically transportation cost per m3 of gas.
  • On October 9th, 2018 from 14.30 to 17.00 a full workshop session, Workflow Modeling for Collaborative Engineering, will enable you to understand how to boost your Project Management efficiency. The workshop is divided in two parts, with an introduction to Business Process Modelling and its possible applications, and a section on workflow modeling for Collaborative Engineering.

ESTECO experts will show how to build an integrated workflow, managing and automating all the logical steps of the engineering process, while exploring how efficient workflow-modeling simplifies and accelerates the entire design process.