Investigation and Customisation of Snowboard Performance Characteristics for Different Riding Styles

Patrick Michael Clifton (RMIT University)

The major aim of the research is to fully characterize the design of modern snowboards in terms of feel through identification and customisation of their on-snow performance characteristics. A comprehensive set of subjective performance parameters is formulated through a series of online surveys and interviews, which cover all facets of riding. The relative importance and optimal level of each of the parameters are determined for both freeride and freestyle snowboards. Utilising the snowboard performance prediction model, an optimal feel design is generated in each of the major riding styles. The software package Esteco modeFRONTIER is employed to determine the optimal design solutions, where the performance targets are derived from the expert rider survey/interview/test process. The predicted feel of the optimised designs shows good agreement with the prescribed parameter levels. Also, it reinforces the fact that in any snowboard design, the overall on-snow performance is a balance between mutually exclusive facets. In other words, desired levels of the subjective performance parameters may not all be attainable simultaneously

General snowboard structure