Knowledge-Based Integrated Aircraft

Raghu Chaitanya Munjulury

CHALLENGE - The study presents a knowledge-based engineering approach to enhance geometrical representation of aircraft conceptual design and integrate variable fidelity tools and multidisciplinary design optimization.

SOLUTIONS - A multidisciplinary optimization framework connecting the geometric model, aerodynamic model and structural model is performed on a wing shape with predefined loads on the wing. For global optimization, MOGA is used and for local optimization Simplex algorithm is used as the design variables are continuos.

BENEFITS - The design automation methods permit vast design spaces to be explored and detailed optimized design solutions be obtained from the conceptual design phase and the borderline between conceptual and preliminary design be merged. Weight estimation is performed by combining the weight penalty method with the automatically generated geometry and thus providing a closer weight approximation of the model. The figure shows the optimization results of aero-structural analysis performed in modeFRONTIER.