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Marine & Off-Shore

ESTECO technology supports the marine industry by enhancing performance of safer, more resistant and less expensive vessels, ship components and offshore platforms.

Our optimization framework enables engineers to improve ship design with better stress distribution, stability and hydrodynamics.

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modeFRONTIER helped increase cruise speed and reduce cavitation in marine propellers.Francesco Serra, R&D Office, Azimut Benetti Group


Applications of ESTECO technology in the Marine & Off-shore field

Companies as Azimut Benetti, Luna Rossa Challenge, Land Rover BAR and Petrobas use our technology for:


  • Marine propellers
  • Hull hydrodynamics
  • Rudder and bulb optimization
  • Ship stabilizing fins
  • Free-fall life boat


  • America's Cup catamaran foils optimization
  • A-Class catamaran foils optimization
  • Olympic sail shape optimization


  • Offshore platform design optimization