Maserati car body optimization


Challenge - The object of the analysis is a 3D car body of  a MASERATI model. Its aim is related to achieve a complete knowledge about the static and dynamic behavior of the car body in its working conditions.

Solution - Car body and chassis design optimization was performed considering only physical parameters while chassis components was designed using only thickness value as parameter. The design chain consisted of 3 parallel analysis, integrated in a single workflow owing to modeFRONTIER capabilities:

1. torsional analysis using ANSYS
2. modal analysis using ANSYS 
3. crash analysis using LS-Dyna

In order to retrieve a huge number of designs, an IBM SP4 cluster is exploited, using the IBM LoadLeveler queue system to take the greatest possible advantage of the MPI capabilities of ANSYS and LS-Dyna. The entire design chain exporation was managed by the multi-objective design environment tool modeFRONTIER, which allows a fast search of the input parameters and the objective functions. modeFRONTIER MCDM tool was used to choose among two trends of possible good solutions. modeFRONTIER correlation chart allowed to visualize and calculate the inluence of each parameter on the evaluation of the objective functions.








Benefits - After the evaluation of 128 designs, it comes up that one of the most important elements of the chassis is the car flank, because of the strategic position of this component in the car body, so that its thickness value influences all of the objective functions.