Multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization of an over-wing-nacelle aircraft concept

Stefania Gemma, Franco Mastroddi (Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza”)

CHALLENGE - A multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization (MDO–MOO) of a baseline over-wing-nacelle (OWN) concept design is presented. The present study extends the previous works, which considered only aerodynamic optimization, to include structural and mission design parameters.

SOLUTION - The competing objectives of minimum empty weight and minimum fuel weight for a design mission are considered in the multi-objective formulation as well as the single-objective problem of minimizing takeoff gross weight, one of many compromises possible for the multi-objective problem. An integrated computational environment has been implemented. High-fidelity analyses for the structural and aeroelastic assessment, together with middle-fidelity analyses for aerodynamic, mission, and performance analyses are performed. A complex multi-disciplinary analysis framework is proposed, to account for the interdisciplinary interaction and to provide a consistent computational framework.

BENEFITS - Optimization results with a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) show Pareto frontiers accounting for structural, aeroelastic, and mission design constraints. The disciplines coupling is quantified, in terms of constraints, design variables influences, and possible trade-offs among the objectives.