Multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization problem re-formulation in computational design exploration: A case of conceptual sports building design

Ding Yang (South China University of Technology), Michela Turrin (Delft University of Technology)

CHALLENGE - The project is an indoor sports building in Wuhan University in China, designed by Sun Yimin Studio of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology. The site is located in a historic district and in a subtropical climate zone. Given this context, the design team decided to respect the forms of Chinese traditional buildings and to take advantages of natural daylight; thus, a stair-like roof concept with clearstories was proposed at the very beginning of the conceptual design. The designers argued that proper architecture, climate and structure-related performances can be achieved by carefully designing the geometries associated with the concept.

SOLUTION - To facilitate designers in achieving the proposed approach, an improved computational platform is used which combines parametric modeling software (including simulation plug-ins) and modeFRONTIER design optimization software. Assisted by the platform, the proposed approach is applied to the conceptual design of an indoor sports building that considers multi-disciplinary performance criteria (including architecture-, climate- and structure-related criteria) and a wide range of geometric variations. 

BENEFITS - The proposed approach provides a crucial perspective for Multi-Objective Optimization by emphasizing the Computational Design Exploration. During the Computational Design Exploration process, relevant information and knowledge are extracted to support the re-formulation of the initial optimization problem, and hence to ensure a proper Optimization Problem Formulation before the Optimization Problem Solving.