Multi-parameter Optimization of Double-Loop Fluidized Bed Solar Reactor for Thermochemical Fuel Production

Marco Milanese, Gianpiero Colangelo, Domenico Laforgia, Arturo de Risi (University of Salento)

CHALLENGE The design of a double-loop fluidized bed solar reactor, capable to develop a thermo-chemical two-step cycle to produce CO, has been optimized to reach the highest values of global efficiency.​

SOLUTION -  Based on a thermo-dynamical analysis of the system, a computational optimization has been developed in modeFRONTIER workflow in order to find the optimal configuration of the double-loop fluidized bed solar reactor. The genetic algorithm MOGA-II with 100 generations based on a quasi-random Sobol sequence of 50 designs, which are uniformly distributed in the six-dimensional design space.

BENEFITS - modeFRONTIER allowed to find the best configuration of the system, reaching the mean global efficiency over a period of time of 1 year equal to 29.96%, with a maximum of 59.46%.​