NAFEMS online Seminar on "AI, Data Driven Models & Machine Learning"

On 28 and 29 April 2021 we're sponsoring the webinar "AI, Data Driven Models & Machine Learning: How Will Advanced Technologies Shape Future Simulation Processes?" promoted by NAFEMS.

This virtual event aims to bring together speakers from the end-user, consultancy, and academic industries to discuss where we are and how these technologies are being used to advance significantly the engineering analysis and simulation capabilities and approaches. Each day lasts approximately three hours: the first two hours are comprised of presentations, with the final hour being devoted to virtual breakout discussions.

On Wednesday 28 April at 12:00 noon EDT (6:00 PM CEST) during the Parallel session-Stage 2 dedicated to the Sponsors, Danilo Di Stefano (modeFRONTIER Product Manager) and Marco Turchetto (VOLTA Product Manager) will be presenting a case study on "Best practices for data driven simulation modeling".