A New Prototype 4-Point Seatbelt Design to Help Improve Occupant Protection in Frontal Oblique Crashes

Jingwen Hu ( University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, USA)

CHALLENGE - The objective of this study was to develop and demonstrate a prototype 4-point seatbelt system that has the potential to help reduce injuries for front right passengers in left (far-side) oblique frontal crashes.

SOLUTION - Two sets of parametric simulations were conducted to further investigate the combined effects from passenger airbag and suspender 4-point belt designs on occupant protection in the passenger far-side impact condition. modeFRONTIER, a multi objective optimisation software programme, was coupled with MADYMO to conduct the parametric simulations.

BENEFITS - The results demonstrated that a suspender 4-point belt has the potential to improve passenger protection, including measured reductions in the head and chest injury values, in the tested oblique crash condition. The results also indicated that a suspender 4-point belt design can potentially improve occupant protection in other oblique frontal crash conditions.