Optimization of compressed natural gas transportation vessel

Alberto Clarich (ESTECO)

CHALLENGE - The GASVESSEL Project, financed by the EU under H2020 and including 13 partners among naval manufacturing companies and research centers, aims to prove the techno-economic feasibility of a new CNG (Compressed natural gas) transport concept, enabled by a novel patented Pressure Vessel manufacturing technology and a new conceptual ship design including safe on- and off-loading solution. In this paper the scope of the project and the first results obtained by the partners will be presented.

SOLUTION - In particular, modeFRONTIER is used to optimize the delivery of gas from the identified source locations to the target markets in different scenarios and geographical areas, providing to any project partner through the web-based collaboration platform VOLTA, indications such as optimal ship size, ship speed and fleet size in order to reach the lowest gas transport costs per unit volume.

BENEFITS -  In addition, modeFRONTIER is also used to optimize the Pressure Vessel size for the winding process, by considering dimensional and technological variables, including optimal cap geometry, weight, thickness of the liner, amount of the reinforcing fibers and plies stacking angles.