Optimization design workflow for large roof shading systems

Marianna Porcelli (TU Delft)

The new Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is used as a case study for this research. Schiphol Airport New Terminal is conceived to be a large space with a significant and engaging long span roof. This project was undertaken to propose a computational workflow and evaluate its effectiveness as supportive decision-making tool from the early design stage of large roof shading systems. 

The proposed Computational Design Exploration (CDE) is adopted to evaluate three different concept alternatives in terms of daylight and thermal performances. In a second phase, the Computational Design Optimization (CDO) workflow is applied to obtain high performing solutions in terms of daylight objectives, by varying geometrical and material inputs. 50 configurations are selected as optimal. The steps described in the CDE and CDO workflow are followed through the combined use of a parametric modelling tool (Grasshopper) and a multidisciplinary design optimization platform (modeFRONTIER). Post-processing tools are adopted to help the identification of interaction effects of the variables on the performance targets.