Real-time Aerodynamic Performance Evaluation through ROMBox and VOLTA

Angela Scardigli (Optimad)


This work provides a framework for the aerodynamic shape design of industrial components, through the definition of a multi-fidelity Reduced-Order Model (ROM) based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD).

The rationale behind ROMs is to describe the most relevant features of a flow field by using a much smaller set of degrees of freedom with respect to the standard full-order model used in the numerical simulation. This permits to enable the quasi real-time evaluation of complex physical phenomena, exploiting the information provided by a carefully selected space of solution snapshots.

The drawback of this approach, implemented within romBox, lies with the complexity of the workflow, that usually requires a lot of expertise and it is difficult to integrate in an automated design loop. The capabilities of modeFRONTIER and VOLTA allowed designers to reduce this overhead, enabling the real-time evaluation of the quantities of interest even for non-expert users. The presentation highlights the effectiveness of the resulting design workflow on a large-scale aerodynamic problem, representative of a real-life automotive application.