Reliability Analysis and Optimization of ADAS Systems

Alex Mugnai (ESTECO)

CHALLENGE - Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems are being widely introduced by all automotive companies to reduce the number of accidents and casualties. Having to meet strict requirements for a wide range of traffic scenarios, disturbances, and faults, the costs for testing and evaluation of an automotive control system are increasing and may take up to 50% of the total development costs.

SOLUTION - Therefore, it is mandatory to develop accurate numerical simulations of ADAS control systems, integrated with sensors and actuators, vehicle dynamics, inter-vehicle behavior and microscopic traffic environment.

BENEFITS - The presentation will focus on how to integrate VI-Grade and modeFRONTIER software for the reliability analysis of a ADAS system, in order to prove how fault tolerance can be identified and optimized for any combination of the control system and traffic scenario.