Robust Optimization of a General- General-Purpose Multistage Purpose Multistage Compressor Model for Surge Avoidance

Andrea Macri (AVEVA)

Compressor surge is a form of aerodynamic instability in axial compressors or centrifugal compressors. The term describes violent airflow oscillating in the axial direction of a compressor, which indicates the axial component of fluid velocity varies periodically and may even become harmful. 

Engineers often spend hours performing calculations to design a gas compressor system that ends up breaking because they failed to judge whether the system was under-designed or over-designed.

The aim of this work is the multi-objective optimization of a general-purpose multistage compressor model, integrating modeFRONTIER and AVEVA's process simulation DynSim, to demonstrate how a given industrial process can be optimized, ensuring stable and robust operation at low cost while saving up hours of computational time.