Structural optimisation of midship region for ro-pax vessel in early design stage using FEA

Chakkalakkal Joseph Mishael (West Pomeranian University of Technology, University of Liegi)

The thesis focuses on demonstrating the application of an automated platform for the structural optimisation of the midship of a typical Ro-Pax vessel in the early stage of ship design process. It is based on the undergoing researches on the framework of European Research Council funded project, HOLISHIP (Holistic Optimisation of Ship Design and Operation for Life Cycle), which focuses on developing innovative holistic design optimisation methods for European maritime industry. The thesis covers the development of a parametric model of the midship using commercial finite element software ANSYS® and which will eventually be used for optimisation using modeFRONTIER® with an aim to reduce the total weight of the structure. A number of in-house tools/ modules are also developed and integrated in the automated platform. The study also extended to implement surrogate models to replace the finite element analysis which allow the customer to reduce the calculation time.