VOLTA product update and roadmap @um17

Matteo Nicolich

Platform performance and user experience are the main focus of the latest release of VOLTA.

Performance > VOLTA design execution is now faster thanks to a significant reduction in the startup time for running designs. The chart below shows the time reduction for short runs, up to more than 65%.

Data management >To help teams and users keeping at hand what they need, when they need it, VOLTA features an enhanced file management with new “move rules” that keeps the order and better representation of shared with me items. Also, the new icons for My Files and Shared with me let users immediately distinguish between owned and shared items. 

Engineering data intelligence > We introduced the VOLTA Dashboard which lets you analyze session data using different tools side-by-side, making efficient use of all available data and giving you the context and the insight to make the right decisions.

Near future | Web based process editing > The adoption of BPMN OMG standard in VOLTA will allow to create a fully interactive web-based workflow for powerful collaborative process editing and management.