WEBINAR RECORDING | Incorporating Manufacturing Cost into Engineering Optimization

ESTECO and aPriori hosted a joint webinar on November 13th 2018, presenting the successful integration of aPriori cost data technology in the modeFRONTIER workflow in order to investigate a wide selection of manufacturing options quickly.

Manufacturing cost is a critical component to finding the best possible design when completing engineering optimization. The webinar demonstrates how to leverage modeFRONTIER capabilities to coordinate a parametric optimization that includes all the performance requirements plus manufacturing cost with aPriori.

Watch it now to learn more how to couple aPriori with modeFRONTIER to:

  • Automate your costing activities in engineering workflows
  • Find multiple design alternatives meeting performance and cost targets
  • Select the best alternative from the set for moving forward
  • Compare the old and new design to understand the overall savings
  • Find the best cost decision throughout the design process