Aerodynamic optimization of a Formula One rear wing

Ricard Aiguabella Macau (METCA)

The development of a rear wing for a Formula One single-seater is a very complex job, due to the influence on the front part of the car and the turbulence generated especially given to the open wheel system. Moreover, size and position restrictions should be held into account under the strict FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) regulations aimed at keeping the ensuing aerodynamic load levels under control.








In order to reduce the amount of resources employed in the simulation runs, we decided in the first place to perform the computation solely on the rear portion of the single-seater. In order to manage the simulation runs and accomplish the optimization, we resorted to modeFRONTIER, thus creating a workflow with two programmes, namely Catia V5 (CAD) and Star-CCM+ (CFD). The workflow consists of designing each profile with Catia V5, exporting the simulation on previously configured Star-CCM+. In the latter the sample is meshed and calculated, then modeFRONTIER processes the results and, thanks to its internal algorithms, it sets new values for the wing parameters, for the purpose of decreasing the drag and maximise the downforce and accomplish the optimal design(s).