Analysis and Optimization of a Washing machine oscillating group

Mario Cagliari (SPM Engineering), Vito Primavera (Enginsoft)

CHALLENGE SPM is an engineering company involved in the design of horizontal axis drum type washing machines. There's an unceasing market demand for higher machine capacity inside a fixed external cabinet space while also reducing the overall weight. This study develops an optimal design for the oscillating group in washing machines.

SOLUTION - A rigid multi-body analysis is conducted using MSC/ADAMS software to study the displacements under test conditions and compare to test results. modeFRONTIER allowed for an easy communication between the different softwares involved in the process. ADAMS and MATLAB have a specific node that let inputs and outputs to be elaborated in a straightforward way, which do not require changes on the models and scripts already in use.









BENEFITS - The exploitation of modeFRONTIER with the use of algorithm MOGA-II led to a significant improvement when matching numerical-experimental curves. According to the 3 Steps Methodology, two optimal designs have been selected: des 500 as the optimum one for Step2, while des 2675 for Step3. Both designs have been highlighted and compared in respect of the initial design 0.