Application of multidisciplinary optimization to rotor design of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

Yasushi Fujishima (CD-adapco)

In this study, multidisciplinary optimization of IPMSM rotor shape applied for railway traction system was conducted by modeFRONTIER. By automating the optimization process, design engineers can be assigned to more creative project. The following Trade-off relation ware found: 

  • Maximizing Torque v.s. Minimizing Open Circuit Voltage 
  • Maximizing Torque v.s. Minimizing Rotor Mass 

By analyzing the obtained Pareto-Optimal deeply with the multivariate analysis (such as Clustering Analysis), underlying design principles could be revealed. The rotor iron core designs were very similar on the Torque v.s. Voltage Pareto-Frontier and the reluctance torque of those designs was almost maximized.