Assessment Of Cost-Optimality And Technical Solutions In High Performance Multi-Residential Buildings In The Mediterranean Area

Ilaria Zacà, Delia D’Agostino, Paolo Maria Congedo, Cristina Baglivo (University of Salento)

CHALLENGE - The European policy framework is focused on reducing energy consumption in the building sector, establishing that minimum energy performance requirements have to be set to achieve cost-optimal levels. This paper shows the application of a methodology to identify cost-optimal levels in new residential buildings located in the Mediterranean area.

SOLUTION - A methodology is developed to assess energy and cost effectiveness in new buildings. A multi-objective optimization analysis has been carried out to reach different types of highly energy efficient external walls for the Mediterranean climate, obtained through the combination of several materials using the optimization software modeFRONTIER. To evaluate the dynamic performance of the different components MATLAB has been used. A check related to the steady thermal transmittance and the hygrothermal performance test (Glaser) have also been carried out to search for the best configuration.










BENEFITS - The paper shows how economical high efficient buildings can be obtained at a design stage for a warm climate. The chosen methodology using modeFRONTIER provided solutions for a cost-optimal design. The selected configuration decreases primary energy consumption by 90% and CO2 emissions by 88% with respect to the baseline building.