A CAD-MESH mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities

Riccardo Cenni - SACMI

CHALLENGE - This work explores structural optimization in the industrial design process, using CAD-mesh mixed shape optimization. Geometry features can be controlled with mesh morphing, but it is more intuitive to control them with parametric geometries. However, geometry coherence can be a strong limitation that inhibits optimization. This proposal aims to combine these techniques and to overstep any limitations.

SOLUTION The proposed methodology aims to find a solution to increase structural performance and reduce weight or cost. The geometry of the FE model is not changed during optimization, a "dummy" support geometry controls shape optimization and is controlled by optimization design variables. modeFRONTIER potentialities are exploited to manage the optimization loop, while RBF Morph is used to perform mesh morphing.

BENEFITS Thanks to the proposed methodology, different shapes can be obtained and analyzed according to internal procedures in order to speed up the design selection process. This setup can be easily extended to different kinds of simulation problems, allowing the flexibility of MESH morphing techniques to combine with the advantages of parametric CAD. modeFRONTIER manages a complex workflow with multiple analysis that was solved with different software.