Calibration and validation of metamodels for hydroforming applications

P. Guglielmi, G. Palumbo, A. Piccininni, (Politecnico di Bari) Vito Primavera (Enginsoft)

Challenge - This work focuses on the HydroForming (HF) process with the determination of the optimal working conditions through the adoption of an optimization procedure based on a numerical approach. The component chosen for the study is a component made by the AA 6061-T6. The material is characterized by both formability and tensile test in laboratory of Physical Simulations of Technological Processes to obtain results about anisotropy an Forming Limit Curves.   








Solution - The HF tests were carried out varying the most affecting process parameters, such as the forming pressure, temperature etc. Tests results have been analyzed to evaluate the effective pressure reached during the tests and the level of blank deformation.

Benefits - modeFRONTIER was used to create meta-models by means of the Response Surface Method (RSM) as a integration platform. In the tests made, the integration platform modeFRONTIER allowed to choose 5 different RBF analytical formulations.