CFD Analysis for Offshore Systems Validation and Applications

Daniel Fonseca de Carvalho e Silva (Petrobras)

The Scientific Methods group in Petrobras Research Center works on development and application of multidisciplinary simulation tools for several engineering problems related mainly to offshore systems. Recently, there were many different cases where Computational Fluid Dynamics was successfully employed. This work presents a collection of cases where CFD simulations were validated against experimental data and directly used to guide solutions for practical problems.

In order to predict the dynamic behavior of floating units as well as calculate the mooring lines loads, it is necessary to determine the loads promoted by the sea water flow around the unit hull. Since a low Froude number regime can be considered, only the vessel underwater portion need to be modeled. All current generated forces can be evaluated using a steady-state simulation for each heading angle. Several headings were automatically evaluated using modeFRONTIER.