Coupling efficient multivariate analysis and optimization strategies with an innovative flow solver for hull hydrodynamics

Paolo Geremia (Engys), Kevin J. Maki (University of Michigan), Gianpiero Lavini, Harpo Genuzio (Fincantieri)

In this work, an innovative flow solver based on OPENFOAM® 1 technology that combines free surface effects with a viscous solution is employed for accurate drag prediction with fast turnaround times ideally suited for an optimization study. The key elements of the solver included a polyhedral finite-volume discretization of the water phase. The steady formulation of the governing equations and boundary conditions are used to pose a problem that is efficiently solved with conventional CFD techniques. A consistent linearized free-surface boundary condition for a viscous flow is applied to the approximate free surface. This novel approach is shown to retain accuracy while reducing the computational expense that is introduced when solving for unnecessary nonlinear features of the flow.