Design Optimization for Human WellBeing and Overall System Performance

Gino Duffett, Hiram Badillo (Aperio), Sylvain Carbes, Arne Kiis (AnyBody Technology)

In the following study AnyBody software has been employed within the optimization environment of modeFRONTIER to create a very helpful tool to calculate and optimize the muscular-skeletal forces for general movements of the human body to optimize ergonomic situations. Two preliminary cases have been studied producing excellent results:

  • an optimized pedal spring force was obtained
  • an optimal wheelchair design was obtained reducing the muscular force by 22.4 %

It has been evidenced that RSM is really useful for time consuming processes, such as the one presented here for the wheelchair optimization and in exploring solutions when analytical results have not been obtained or in the case when a combination of experimental and analytical data is used.