Design Optimization of Layered Composite Structures

André Mönicke, Harri Katajisto, Markku Palanterä (Componeering Inc.)

Nowadays optimization problems quickly become overwhelming in terms of designs; material selection for each layer, number of layers, layer orientations, stacking sequence and there is growing possibilities to use solid laminate, sandwich and stiffened structures. The advantages of expensive composite materials can be utilized only with the use of appropriate design and analysis methods.

The approach used in this presentation has been successfully tested with real-life applications. Design and analysis of composite structures involves specific issues that are not addressed in general finite element analysis tools, ignoring the composite specific failure modes in design and analysis may lead to catastrophic failure. Only laminate lay-ups that are feasible in the manufacturing point of view are generated ESAComp represents an industry proven solution that covers a vast set of tools needed at different stages of the design process integrated under a user friendly graphical user interface