Design optimization of a main landing gear shock absorber hydraulic system

Ferdinando Esposito (Magnaghi Aeronautica SpA), Vito Primavera (EnginSoft SpA)

CHALLENGE - The present study describes  the advantages obtained by the usage of the modeFRONTIER software for the design optimization of a Main Landing Gear (MLG) shock absorber hydraulic system to guarantee the compliance with the customer performance requirements. ​

SOLUTION - A fully integrated procedure based on modeFRONTIER platform has been developed at the aim firstly to drive an “encrypted” MATLAB model and then to perform a multi-objective optimization. 

modeFRONTIER Workflow Design Parameters

  • 5 Input variables: #5 from the main Nitrogen Volume & Metering pin shape
  • 3 Output variables: Efficiency, Load factor, Stroke
  • 3 Objective functions: Max Efficiency, Min Load Factor, Min Stroke
  • 3 Constraints: Load Factor < n1; Shock Absorber Stroke < s; Efficiency > e 











BENEFITS - modeFRONTIER allowed to find the optimized solution with time/cost of the activities drastically reduced.