Development and Applications of Enterprise Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (EMDO) Systems

Yan Fu (Ford)


Traditionally, MDO is conducted by a MDO subject matter expert who needs to collect all attribute information and models, integrate them into a large-scale optimization workflow, and solve the multi-objective optimization problem through an engineer-centric desktop solution. This is a time consuming, difficult, and engineer dependent process, which may not reach the full potential of the advanced MDO technologies. In this presentation, we will present a new Enterprise Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization System (EMDO) based on SOMO and tightly integrated with the private clouding computing system.


This new EMDO system is a web-based and mobile-enabled technology, which provides a collaborative and distributed execution platform to manage the complexity of growing demands of large-scale vehicle design projects. It has potential to make significant contributions for cross-attribute program developments in term of weight saving, fuel economy increase, meeting or exceeding multiple attribute requirements, as well as reducing product development time and engineering cost. A large-scale vehicle design case study will be used to demonstrate the capabilities and usefulness of the new EMDO system.