Dynamics Optimization of Controlled Mechatronic Systems - Comparison Between Time and Frequency Domain

Dominique Knittel (University of Strasbourg)

CHALLENGE - The experimental plant at the University of Strasbourg is used to analyze and improve mechatronic systems. In this case, a roll-to-roll system must be designed in order to satisfy the following conditions: must wind/unwind web material at high speed, ensure that the speeds and tension are monitored and must be robust regarding parameter variations.













SOLUTION -  While classical approaches usually rely either on time or frequency domain optimization, a new methodology combining both dimensions is adopted. The MORDO module for robust design optimization allowed researchers to ensure performance and robustness in the two domains and to account for parameters (web elasticity and web nominal speed) that the classic method left uncertain.

BENEFITS - Classic methods address time and frequency domain separately and leave uncertain parameters which can lead to damaging oscillations for the web and system. With modeFRONTIER, a new optimization methodology combines the two, ensures good results, takes less time, accounts for nonlinearity and can handle uncertain parameters.